Catawba Falls

4209550One thing about Catawba Falls Old Fort NC hikers truly enjoy is their beautiful veil type falls. These Waterfalls in Western NC are not for the weak of heart as they are fairly difficult to get to. People have been hiking these North Carolina Mountain Waterfalls along the Catawba River since the 1870s. Even though this Catawba Waterfall has been “off limits” for many years, they are now on their way to becoming open to the public. There are many hikes and photographic locations along the falls. You have to take a moderate hike to get to the first set of falls, but you should use extreme caution when hiking to the upper Catawba Falls as they are fairly difficult to get to. Catawba Falls are in Old Fort North Carolina and are a short drive from historic Downtown Spruce Pine NC. On your NC Hiking adventure to Catawba Waterfalls, you will pass by some historic stone buildings and a dam that was used during the early 1900s as a source of power generation for the local community.