The Sheetz Family

We just had the most amazing weekend in the mountains staying at your cabin! My husband and I came for our anniversary to get away and try something different this time other than our normal beach trips and this was it. I have not been to see the mountains since I was a kid and it was truely breathtaking. The cabin is so clean and was decorated so beautiful, I felt at home. They even give you a bar of the best smelling soap in the world to use while you are there and you better believe that you will buy some to take home. Just make sure you print out directions to any attractions you want to see before you go because you don’t want to waste any time while you are there. It only took us about a full day to learn where most everything is in this wonderful community. I loved every restaurant we ate at and the people were so nice…Mountain View Restaurant & the Shepherds Table. My husband played golf at Mt.Mitchell and said it was beautiful!! This is definitely going to be added to our list of places to go and the next time, we will bring the kids so they can enjoy everything this place has to offer. I can’t wait to make more family memories with your cabin. Thank You Jill Stanton for the champagne and everything else!