Chuck, Lancaster, SC

I want one just like it! Cabin was well built, clean, and decorated nicely. We were on our honeymoon and the owners really made sure we had a good time. The view from the living room and kitchen area was nothing but mountains. My wife and I would love to have a cabin just like it. It’s all in the details and they didn’t miss anything. The cabin looks brand new, it was roomy, but not oversized. Very comfortable for us. The hot tub was right outside the door, and very secluded. We were hoping it would snow so we could sit in the hot tub and enjoy, but no luck on that…this time. We are going back again soon and plan to also go back in the fall. Even the beds are comfortable! The gas log fireplace was really sweet. We left it on low, and it came on automatically when needed. The place was well insulated and stayed very warm. Everything about the cabin was first class. We looked at several cabins online and were amazed at how some people pump up their claims just to get business. I can’t say enough good things about this place. If you get the chance to go, then go. We went Jan 2011. Can’t wait to see the place when everything is green and warm. We also visited several waterfalls, stores and every restaurant the owners suggested. No complaints about anything.