Linville Cabin Rentals

linville cabin rentalsIf you’re looking for a place to experience the rustic charm of a cabin in the mountains, but wouldn’t turn down a jacuzzi or cable TV, we have the place for you. Blue Ridge Parkway Cabin Rentals is located near Linville, which is the third largest wilderness area in the United States. But the area also boasts plenty of restaurants, shopping and entertainment opportunities. There is a wide variety of attractions within a short distance of our Linville cabin rentals.

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Spend the day enjoying the clean waters of cascading waterfalls, and the night enjoying the bubbling waters of your own hot tub. Start the day from the comfort of a queen sized bed before heading into the wilderness for miles of hiking or biking. The High Country is a perfect balance of culture and nature. Go white water rafting down the New River, or sip on a white wine spritzer at a local winery. Take a peaceful kayak ride on a scenic inland lake, or fly through the forest on a speeding zip line. The opportunities are endless!

The balance of nature in our nearby Linville cabin rentals is abundantly present. You can find a location to do whatever you want here in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and people to welcome you as well. We love the High Country here at Blue Ridge Parkway Cabin Rentals, and our Linville cabin rentals are a great display of the reasons why. Their magnificent rustic architecture and remote yet accessible location creates a calming and enriching vacation for all nature lovers.

Renting with Blue Ridge Parkway Cabin Rentals

When you rent with us, you get friendly and reliable customer service. Whatever you need, we’re here to accommodate your vacation. If you’re getting away to for a nature-filled weekend you deserve to experience it how you like. Rent with us by calling in at (919) 602-6722 or book online. Whatever you enjoy, there’s a slice of happiness to be found in our Linville cabin rentals.